buy1 W1S1 [baı] v past tense and past participle bought [bo:t US bo:t]
[: Old English; Origin: bycgan]
a) [I and T]
to get something by paying money for it
≠ ↑sell
Where did you buy that dress?
Ricky showed her the painting he'd bought that morning.
buy sb sth
Let me buy you a drink.
buy sth for sb/sth
The money will be used to buy equipment for the school.
buy (sth) from sb
It's cheaper to buy direct from the manufacturer.
buy sth for $10/£200 etc
Dan bought the car for $2000.
It's much cheaper to buy in bulk (=buy large quantities of something) .
b) [T]
if a sum of money buys something, it is enough to pay for it
$50 doesn't buy much these days.
buy sb sth
$15 should buy us a pizza and a drink.
2.) buy (sb) time
to deliberately make more time for yourself to do something, for example by delaying a decision
'Can we talk about it later?' he said, trying to buy a little more time.
3.) [T] informal
to believe something that someone tells you, especially when it is not likely to be true
'Let's just say it was an accident.' ' He'll never buy that .'
4.) [T] informal
to pay money to someone, especially someone in a position of authority, in order to persuade them to do something dishonest
= ↑bribe
People say the judge had been bought by the Mafia.
5.) buy sth at the cost/expense/price of sth
to get something that you want, but only by losing something else
The town has been careful not to buy prosperity at the expense of its character.
6.) sb bought it
old-fashioned informal someone was killed
buy in [buy sth<=>in] phr v
to buy something in large quantities
Companies are buying in supplies of paper, in case the price goes up.
buy into [buy into sth] phr v
1.) informal to accept that an idea is right and allow it to influence you
I never bought into this idea that you have to be thin to be attractive.
2.) to buy part of a business or organization, especially because you want to control it
Investors were invited to buy into state-owned enterprises.
buy off [buy sb<=>off] phr v
to pay someone money to stop them causing trouble or threatening you
= ↑bribe
buy out phr v
1.) buy sb/sth<=>out
to buy someone's share of a business or property that you previously owned together, so that you have complete control
2.) buy sb out of sth
to pay money so that someone can leave an organization such as the army before their contract has ended
buy up [buy sth<=>up] phr v
to quickly buy as much of something as possible, for example land, tickets, or goods
Much of the land was bought up by property developers.
buy 2
buy2 n [C, usually singular]
1.) something that is worth buying, because it is cheap, good quality, or likely to gain in value
a good/excellent etc buy
The wine is a good buy at $6.50.
It's worth shopping around for the best buy (=what you want at the lowest price) .
2.) informal an act of buying something, especially something illegal
= ↑deal

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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